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How long is the rental agreement?
Rental agreements are customised to suit your requirements. There are no on going contract meaning that you can cancel your service at any time. Other companies will allow you to store your baggage on an hourly basis, at Storage Gnome we also offer monthly rates which are equivalent to 4 days storage when compared to baggage lockers from other companies.
How much is rent each month?
The cost will vary based on the type of storage and size. Contact us to confirm the cost based on your requirements.
Do I get a discount if I rent for a longer period?
Discounted rates are available for those who pay in advance for longer term storage.
What security features does Storage Gnome use?
Onsite electronic surveillance and fire prevention systems as well as customs approved baggage tampering seals for an additional layer of security.
How can Storage Gnome help me?
Storage Gnome employees can help you with almost any facet of your storage experience. We can supply you with all necessary packaging materials and advise you how to store and help you with other important information such transport.
Backpackers Storage
Need to store gear for a few days or couple of weeks?
Interstate Travelers
No need to lug around that big suitcase.
International Students
Storage between semesters or after graduation.